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CITB Site Safety Plus

Site Safety Plus (SSP) courses are designed to give everyone, from operative to senior manager, the skills they need to progress through the industry.

Courses range from the one-day Health and Safety Awareness course, two-day Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme to the five-day Site Management Safety Training Scheme. There are also refresher courses to make sure that workers are keeping up with the latest practices and techniques to be safe on the job.

Our courses ensure everyone benefits from the best possible training.

Health Safety Awareness

Health & Safety Awareness (HSA)


This course highlights potential hazards when working on site and provides practical advice on keeping yourself and your colleagues safe. It covers your individual and employer’s responsibilities, including what you can do if you think anyone’s health and safety is being put at risk.

At the end of the course you will have an understanding of:

  • the need to prevent accidents

  • health and safety law

  • how your role fits into the control and management of the site

  • risk assessments and method statements

  • performing safely and asking for advice

  • how to report unsafe acts to prevent an accident


Site Supervision Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS)


This Course provides an understanding of health, safety, welfare and environmental issues. It highlights legal responsibilities and the need to promote health and safety to supervise effectively.

At the end of the course you will have an understanding of:

  • health and safety law and how it applies to supervisors

  • your supervisory responsibilities in controlling site safely

  • risk assessments and the need for method statements

  • effective site inductions, toolbox talks and method statement briefings

  • monitoring site activities effectively

  • timely intervention when bad practice is identified


Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS)

  • This SMSTS course is for project managers, site managers and supervisors, business owners and clients.

  • You will gain an understanding of health, safety, welfare and environmental issues on construction sites.

  • CITB renewable 5 year Site Safety Plus certificate.


  • The certificate is valid for 5 years. You will need to take the SMSTS Refresher course before your certificate expires 

  • You need to renew this certificate every five years before it expires by attending the SMSTS Refresher course. Otherwise, you'll need to take the full SMSTS course again. 

  • To gain the Site Safety Plus certificate you must attend the full 37.5 hours of training. If you can’t attend the full course, you'll need to enrol and take the course again. You may be charged extra to cover the costs of switching courses. You will also need to pass the exam and take part in the course exercises. 

Course Content:

  • The Health and Safety at Work Act

  • Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations

  • Risk assessments/method statements

  • Recent changes in accepted working practices

  • Behavioural safety

  • Management of occupational health

  • Electricity

  • Excavations

  • Working at height

  • Scaffolding

  • Demolition

  • Confined spaces.

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